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Tranquility Spa Gift Set (Med)

Tranquility Spa Gift Set (Med)




Size: Med;
Perishable: No;
Seasonal Item: No;


Tranquility, what better gift can you give than the Tranquility gift basket? This lovely floral planter brings gifts of candles, chocolates and bath accessories to create a truly tranquil moment. Give the gift of tranquility with the Tranquility gift basket. The Tranquility Spa Gift Set includes: 12" hand painted Floral Planter, Bath Loofah Ball, 2 Floating Rose Candles, 4 oz Cream center assorted chocolates, Aromatherapy Potpourri (1.25 dry quart), Sisal Loofah, Glycerin Soap, 8 oz Lavender Moisturizing Body Lotion, 8 oz Lavender Moisturizing Bath & Body Gel, 8 oz Lavender Moisturizing foaming Bath SaltsPrice includes Ground Shipping

Additional information

Weight 3.6741 kg
Dimensions 8 × 14 × 12 cm

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